1. Jackie Morris lives in a small house on the Welsh coast. She wanted to be an artist from the earliest she could remember. After studying art at Hereford and Bath Academy she went on to illustrate for magazines and newspapers. She began her first book for children the week after her first child, Thomas was born and has gone on to illustrate and write many books.

You can find out more about Jackie and her books on her website at jackiemorris.co.uk and follow her blog at we three cats .


2. From the earliest she can remember all Jackie Morris wanted to do was to paint. Her work is informed by a love of all animals and the natural world. She now lives and works in a small cottage by the sea with her two children, three dogs and far too many cats.


3. All of Jackie Morris's work is informed by a deep love of the natural world. She has had a long time fascination with the myths of transformation and a passion for bears. She lives in a fantasy world in a small house by the sea where she wanders the cliff tops dreaming of whales and bears and tigers and wolves, among other things. Above all she loves to paint, to read and to write.

4. Jackie Morris has always found that writing about oneself in the first person is a very strange way to behave.

5. Jackie Morris grew up in the Cotswolds where she dreamed of living in a small house by the sea and being an artist. She went to college in Hereford and Bath Academy and worked as an illustrator for books, cards and magazines before falling into the world of children's books. She now shares a small cottage by the sea with her two children, three dogs and far too many cats.

6. For years Jackie Morris dreamed of being a physicist but thwarted by a poor knowledge of mathematics she took up the brush and became a hermit in a small cave by the sea. She is now cared for by cats who bring her mice to eat.

7. Jackie Morris was raised by bears in the far North lands until she was discovered one day by a sight seeing cruise ship and captured. Dressed only in sealskin, at first it was thought that she was a new breed of bear. Only when she found a box of crayons was it discovered that she was indeed, almost human. Trained, though not well, in manners by the famous animal trainer Horst Bronson she now only occasionally reverts to her previously wild state. She lives as a recluse in a remote area of Wales and dreams of bears.

8. Jackie Morris is a grumpy, over weight, middle aged woman who feels life is slipping away far too fast. She lives in a small house by the sea and would love an apartment in Venice for occasional weekends. She likes painting, sometimes and at other times finds it very frustrating.

9. Jackie Morris lives in a small house by the sea surrounded by tangles of wild roses. As a child she wanted to be an artist. She loves animals, both great and small.

10. Above the small cottage by the sea where Jackie Morris draws, paints and writes, ravens fly. These beautiful black birds fly for the sheer joy of riding on the wind's edge, tumbling and turning in delight. It was while out walking by the sea one day, watching ravens fly, that the idea for the story of The Ice Bear came.

11. Sometimes prone to outbreaks of melancholy Jackie Morris is usually quite affable but can be dangerous when disturbed.

12. Jackie Morris lives in a fantasy world ruled by bears where dragons are everywhere and wolf ghosts walk beside her. She spends her days drawing, dreaming and searching for portals to a parallel dimension where she is younger, fitter and more intelligent.

13. For many years Jackie Morris wanted to be a stand up comedian but stage fright ate at her soul and she retired to live as a hermit in a small cottage by the sea. She now paints and writes and is fed by a flock of ravens, coming out only occasionally for public appearances at select literary festivals. If she could be anyone else in the world it would be Eddie Izzard. Or a white wolf.

15. Jackie Morris grew up in a cave in a deep dark forest where she was raised by wolves, until the day that she heard her first cello. She now lives in a small house by the sea, but continues to howl when the moon is full. If she could be anyone else at all in the world then she would be Yo Yo Ma.

16. Numerically challenged from an early age Jackie Morris soon realised that her best bet for a career would be colouring in. She dislikes the number '14' as it seemed to evade her attempts to understand her personality by writing infinite biographies about herself.

17. As a result of writing biographies for her new book Jackie Morris began to suffer from a multiple personality disorder and a belief that she was raised by wild animals as a child, when everyone knows that she has very little personality and is cared for by a random pride of ginger cats who feed her on mice and the fragile legs of songbirds.

18. ( as dictated by Elmo the Cat) Jackie Morris spends far too much time painting and drawing and too little time feeding and caring for Her cats that live with Her. She has a very strange dress sense and no fur.









©Jackie Morris