hare being gilded at the show

truck with wonderful sculptures on the back.

back of the truck

back of a van with horse sculpture

rain on a tent rope. Thursday.

shadows on the tent wall

my stand which changed every day

big poster of The Snow Leopard

gold leaf in plenty

gloves, ceramic, in best of the best

Gordon from Greensvanes

Gordon and Karen setting up

Woman gilding my picture for me. She was so interested I thought it best that she have a go.

Heron, gilded at the show.

one of the other demonstrators having a go at gilding my picture

walking cheetah

lovely young man with a ferret

rain! home from home!

rain beads on a sculpture

beautiful but old wolfhound

beautiful and young kittens


horse sculpture from the back of the van. Amazingly lifelike and beautifully observed

paper flags in teh Mexican tent

Mexican tent

the demonstrators' supper. very elegant.

Kadialy Kouyate, Griot from Senegal.





©Jackie Morris