my stand at Art in Action


my stand at Art in Action



women in wellies. it wouldn't be a festival without wellies

sculpture in the grounds reaching high into the blue sky

The Bookbinder's car. Worthy of Inkheart.

The elegant work of Ashraf Hanna

The equally elegant work of Sue Hanna, wife of Ashraf Hanna, husband of Sue Hanna

Winner of The Best of the Best, a beautiful piece like water, like a wave, like the carapace of a beetle

Karen and Gordon Green's weathervanes


working on a piece watched by Debra Massey and her parntner and some children


my piece for Best of Best in background

working at Art in Action





Iris Milward playing with a sketch of mine and making something beautiful


Iris Milward playing with one of my drawings


Iris Milward's beautiful poetry tiles. By the end of the show her work was looking very very thin.

Karen Green's piece in best of the best, not copper, but caste and utterly beautiful and very very clever.

desperate to come in to teh evening feast the black dog tried to wait patiently.

putting up work in The Best of the Best

Ailsa Bewick and the boys reading Dinosaurs and Diggers, their favorite from teh whole of art in action, by Penny Dale.

©Jackie Morris