As a child we always went on holiday for two weeks in June to Torcross in Devon. I had wanted to go back for years but it took a long time to find a reason, or two. So I rented a cottage not far from the sea, and leaving my small cottage, not far from the sea, felt a little foolish. Maybe I should have gone on holiday to the city. But this was a trip back in time in a way.


Walking on the sea wall at Torcross, shingle beach steep, sea lazy, sky clear and blue. Along the lea side clouds of midges swarmed like smoke. The path across the cliffs was thick with broad leaved trees, foxgloves towering above head height. Hallsands still slept eerie between the sea and the cliff walls, ruined and empty of life. Clouds built on a hot summer day, lightening out at sea and then the wind came, followed by rain and hail the lay in white drifts everywhere. Next day sat by the sea watching the white clouds form and disperse and pattern the sky, doing nothing. Later sat and watched the ducks and the cloud soft white swans, long necked and bright bead-eyed.

On Tuesday we ate cream tea at the Two Bridges, in elegant luxury and walked in Wildman's Woods while a woman in a dress the colour of horned poppies danced on a tor in the wind. In Dartmouth elegant houses and a slow walk to the castle in the evening heat. Castle cove was a Mediterranean blue and so calm.

Wednesday a slow and lazy day and a walk around Start Point where the air was so lear and bright it looked like thunder.

Thursday, west from Start Point. Down Farm , where the beautiful pasture led down to the cliffs and shelves of rock reached out into the sea. So many flowers and butterflies, purple vetch, campion both sea and pink, white vetch and clover, honeysuckle and artichokes and bunches of sweetpeas for sale in a vase.



Torcross and Slapton Lee

The Old Post Office in Torcross

Duck, beautiful

yellow poppy growing in the shingle shore of Slapton Lee

meadow rich in flowers on the cliff top walk between Beesands and Torcross

Hallsands village, ruined and closed off from visitors, once a triving fishing village with over 150 inhabitants, a pub, a shop, and children laughing

Tucked in tight between the sea and cliffs the ruins of Hallsands wait to fall

ruins above Hallsands

Memorial to operation Tiger

Poppys grow where blood was spilt in the practice for the landings.


doorway in Totnes

doorway in Totnes

Dartmouth with harbour

Dartmouth harbour with the Royal Naval College on the hillside

Harbour bookshop in Dartmouth that was once owned by Christopher Milne who earlier in his life had been Christopher Robin, a name that haunted him through his teenage school years and cannot have been easy to live with. The shop had a couple of copies of Classic Poems on sale. 30 years ago we would buy books there when we were on holiday. Good to see it is still a bookshop

Dartmouth doorway


Dartmouth doorway

Barometer in Dartmouth

Elegant yellow house on the hillside in Dartmouth

Castle cove at the entrance to Dartmouth harbour on a still and beautiful early evening after a day filled to the brim with sunshine


Dartmoor in sunshine

the river in a valley on Dartmoor, water made golden by sunlight

a second later and all of the colours change and the pattern of water flows on

Karen and Gordon's studio at Greensvanes on Dartmoor, where a copper bird waits to take flight

beautiful copper bull by Karen Green at Greensvanes on Dartmorr

detail of copper bull

two herons waiting for a garden to dance their eternal dance in

Mr Toad at the Two Bridges Hotel at Princetown in Devon, raising a tankard to the half moon


Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor, ancient oak forest

Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor, ancient oak forest

woman in a sunshine yellow dress dances on a tor high on the moor above Wistmans Wood

a wall of honeysuckle that smelt ike heaven in the heat of the day


My lovely man, resting on the cliff top and enjoying doing not very much, slowly.


For images of two blissful days on Dartmoor click here.



©Jackie Morris