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photograph of prayer flags blowing in the wind against a blue sky.

dragonfly, photograph, black and yellow stripes and stained glass wings. 1st July. Dragonflies and kestrel, hot sunshine burning off a sea mist. Painting yesterday without any focus or idea of what I was doing until I realised just how bad it was.

Penberi and a calm still sea like a mirror, photograph.

2nd July. Wrote an obituary for Glyn for his brother. It seems that James was in Burma and India during the war and his life was a wonderful one of travel from this hamlet across the world and back to raise a family. Later in the day a storm came out of nowhere and so my modem was struck by lightening.

3rd July. Meadowsweet and ravens tumble over cliffs. Swallows so low wingtips touch grass. A Hawk hangs in air thickened by heat, the sun a pale circle of light.

4th July. Waiting for the storm to break the light turns Ramsey into a ghost island and thunder rumbles and rolls in the sky. Later the prayer flags hang heavy with the weight of water and the air has an edge of madness which shows in my painting of a hare. Fierce storm.

watercolour of a hare coutching down, with goldleaf background. Jackie Morris

Hare. Watercolour painting by Jackie Morris

5th July. So quiet after the storm you can hear the footfall of a cat, the whisper of moth's wings. In the evening a steady stream of shearwaters, close to land, fly low over water. Thousands of birds follow invisible threads across the waves to their burrows.





Hare. Watercolour painting by Jackie Morris
watercolour painting of hare by Jackie Morris

6th July. Bella found a little bear in the field, hiding in the long grass and she barked to call me over to see. And there he was, black and white and bristling, hackles raised like a cat and chirring and growling. Badger.

7th July. Painting hares and trying to get to grips with a difficult piece of work but lacking focus and feeling like a troll. Late in the evening sat in the garden and watched the almost full moon shining through the prayer flags.

9th July. Late at night Hannah sleeps in a bed of cats. Tom reads. A day of sunshine and wind, bright white gannets diving into green sea.

Painting, working, striving but not getting far.

Dragonflies and butterflies and green light in a tunnel of trees.

10th July. The red grass at the top of the hill held a carpet of pearl like water droplets, small spheres of glowing water holding the light of the sun inside them.


13th July. Driving home from a school visit shadows long and sharp in the evening light. At home a harvest moon hung big and golden in the sky and the stars are tumbling down and the night smells of the sea.

14th July. Six magpies on the road to the beach, eight choughs circle over St Davids Head and four ravens. Computer still away having taken a week to be picked up for repairs and feeling cut off and frustrated but with time to write of white bears and pirates.


Badger. Photograph. Jackie Morris
Harebells. Photograph. Jackie Morris
Hare. Watercolour painting by Jackie Morris

16th July. Long and lovely walk with Robin to Porth Melgan. Bracken waist-high, a sea of green leaves with dragonflies and butterflies whirring over and ancient lichen covered stone walls where the first delicate blue harebells are in flower.

Peregrine and kestrel, stonechat and linnets, wheatears dance and cuckoo gone home, and so far this year still no yellowhammers.

Hare. Watercolour painting by Jackie Morris

19th July. The tide was out and no one had walked on the beach. A lone oystercatcher stood, black and white on a golden rock. On the slate gray rocks salt crystals sparkled where the sea water had left them.

Evening brought a building of clouds and an edge of lightening as thunder rumbled distantly. Storms threatened and still struggled with wolves.

Running Wolf. Water colour painting for Robin Hobb book cover.
  Running Wolf. Water colour painting for Robin Hobb book cover.


21st July. On bramble flowers a fresh new peacock butterfly dried its scarlet wings.


photo of Hannah swinging far too high in the tree tops


23rd July. In the early morning a wood pigeon sings " a sky of hon-ey, a sky of hon-ey" outside. A ribbon of sparrows fly over a low garden wall.

In the city flakes of paper peel and flutter from roadside billboards. On the lake a black swan swims, serene. It is too hot.

Disappointed as Seth Lakeman cancelled gig in Milton Keynes to film for the great tv god. Long way to travel to be blown out by Channel 4.


A few days of urban living, cinemas and restaurants and theatre, walking in city parks through water meadows with white cows lazy in the heat, snatching time to write and enjoying the difference. In the theatre a butterfly flew in and out of the lights and the children laughed at Rick Mayall in "The New Statesman". Not at all suitable but they loved it. In the park they walked on wires high over tree tops while the sun played on the leaves.

Tom climbing across a rope net

Hannah on a high wire. If you look closely you can see her smiling.

Tom stepping easily across logs far too high above the ground for his mother to be happy about it all.

26th July. Walking on the hillside in the early morning sun it seemed as if a giant had taken a great bag of butterflies and shaken them over the world. So beautiful, especially the butterfly of golden ochre, the colour of brimstone.

In the evening watching the light drain from the world and the stars come out to wait for falling stars, but it clouded over.

27thJuly. When it gets dark here it is a big darkness. The sky is almost full of stars and I saw the biggest brightest shooting star I have ever seen, blazing a trail of light behind it.

Spent all day gilding a huge painting of a hare, called " Field of Gold" and outside the hedge banks hang with grass flowers the same colour as the gold leaf.

Walking late in the evening to find that even more butterflies had tumbled from the giant's great sack.

Hare running through gold, a watercolour painting on a background of moongold, by Jacikie Morris, July 06

28th July. Yesterday stars fell from the sky, today snakes sped across the road.




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