st davids cathedral refectory, st davids, Pembrokeshire

Cathy and Hywel's family wth MBF card originals behind

Evie helping to get the exhibition space ready

Elizabeth looking at The Guardians original. Beautiful smile.

Looking out to sea, fine carved stone with shells and sworls trapped in time on its polished surface, background, first ever MBF card.

Looking out to sea by Catherine Wood

Esme by Catherine Wood

Sculpture by Catherine Wood

small prayer to the moon 1
small prayer to the moon 2
small prayer to the moon 3

three hares running

Moonstruck jackaloupe

Beach combed alabaster sculpture in foreground, The Sisters and Looking Out to Sea in the background, sculptures buy Catherine Wood

detail of texture of polished alabaster from Penarth Beach

Evie reading Mariana and the Merchild and holding a shell tight in her hand






Earlier in the year I visited Cathy in her studio near Bath ad we had a 'business meeting' about the coming exhibition whilst walking dogs by a river in the valley.

Cathy and Evie with a stone head

Cathy's studio in the valley

One of the sculptures for the exhibition

a close up of the above piece, smooth stone, beautiful

Cathy and me having a business meeting whilst walking dogs. I'm the one behind the camera



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